Actual-Size Architecture, a San Francisco bay area residential design

Bogan Residence
Remodel of a marina-style house, with skylit core.

Bridgwater Residence
Solar-oriented addition with new kitchen and dining.

Holland Residence
Interior stair with suspended closets and light well.

Southall-Meier Residence
Third-floor addition and interior remodel.

Spring Kitchen
Remodel of kitchen and dining rooms.

Chan-Farmer Residence
Whole-floor remodel with reconfigured circulation.

Fajardo Residence
Addition and remodel on a minimal budget.

Reston Kitchen
Kitchen remodel with indirect natural light.

San Francisco residential architecture portfolio

Prosthetic Cabriole

Reed-Newman Shelves

Double Desk

WPA Receptionist's Desk

3-way Book Stand


San Francisco residential architecture portfolio